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About us


"Memories are the most precious gift one can get."

For more than five years our mission has been to spread joy by helping you share your precious moments with your loved ones.  All our products are made with dedication and carefully crafted out of high quality wood. With our awesome and unique gifts, we are ready to trigger even more smiles all around the world!

Whether you want to surprise someone with unique gift, show that special someone how much you appreciate them – and make that gift stand out in home décor – we have got you covered.

Your guests will be sure to notice the intricate addition to your home, as the delicate Woodili products will draw curious eyes and amaze people how you came up with such an awesome and rare present – seriously, we have seen it happen. Don’t blame us if all your friends start asking you for advice on how to impress or surprise someone!

We sincerely love and enjoy seeing that our creations make someone’s day. Those moments are priceless and you help us make that happen. You are the reason we exist. You are special. And we wouldn’t trade You for anyone else.


We aim for sustainability by satisfying our needs today without cutting off the same possibilities for future generations.

We guarantee the control of our wood’s origin and we plant double the amount of trees we use for our creations in order to help reforest our planet.