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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm having technical issues. What do I do?
If you are using a computer, try to clear your cache and cookies. If you are using a phone, please try to place your order on a desktop computer or laptop.

Try to log off and log your account.

If nothing works do not hesitate to email us at

Does your question not appear here?
We invite you to send an e-mail to and you will receive a reply within three working days.

Where can I make a complaint or question concerning a product or service?
You can e-mail our customer happiness service to and they will contact you within three working days.

Are all Woodili’s products assembled when they are delivered?
Yes, of course.

Can I take my product on an airplane?
Yes, our products are totally airplane safe.



What kind of images can I upload?

You can upload several images at once from your Instagram, Facebook account or directly from your computer or telephone.
In order to obtain a great product find images with light backgrounds. Avoid dark, blurry and unfocused images.

Due to cropping reasons do not add any text to your photo (we cannot add text for you). If you add any text on the photo we cannot take any responsibility for the cropping.

Any order containing pornographic images, sexually explicit or references to hate crime, will be cancelled.

What size should my images be?
Images that you upload should be at least 480x640px.

Can I change my images once I've placed my order?
We are unable to change images once the order has been placed.

I haven't received an email confirming my order. Will I get one?
When you place an order, you will receive two emails:

- order confirmation email

- shipping confirmation

Please check your junk or spam inbox if you have not received any email.

Will any information about the price of my product be sent with my order?
The invoice will be send by email.

I want to place a big order. Can you help me?
Do not hesitate to contact us at

I want to add some extra products to my order placed earlier, is that possible?
No, unfortunately it is not possible to add products to your order once you have completed the ordering procedure.

Does a minimum spend apply?
No, no minimum spend applies.



By what means can I pay?
You can pay via PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, American Express and many more. 

Is it possible to pay later?
Unfortunately, this is not possible.



When will my order be posted?
Your product will be ready to ship in 3 business days.

What is the delivery time for an order?
Please refer to this page.

The estimated delivery day of my order passed and it hasn't arrived yet. What do I do?
If your product is still missing please contact us at

I accidentally left the billing address the same as the delivery address. What now?
This won't affect the delivery of your product because we don’t store billing information.

How will my product be delivered?
Your product(s) will be delivered in an envelope containing one or several boxes.

What if I'm not home to receive my product?
If no one is present at home to receive the parcel, postal services will leave a message which will tell you how to collect your parcel or to rearrange delivery.
Where can I submit questions about the status of my order?
Please contact us at


Returns and exchanges

How long is the guarantee period for my Woodili products?
All our products are guaranteed for a period of 6 months. Discounted products are not guaranteed and cannot be exchanged.

The product I bought in the online shop turned out to be damaged when I received it home – what should I do?
You should contact our customer happiness service with your order number at and we will assist you.

Within what period time can I return my purchase? I want to return a product – Is it possible?
As a customer, you have 14 days to exercise your legal right to return your order.
Products made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized can not be returned.

Can my return be picked up?
Orders can only be returned via a postal services.

If a product arrived damaged, will I pay postal fees for the return?
No, you will not pay postal fees. We will send you via email a prepaid return label and you will only have to send the package.

Is it possible to exchange a product in my order for something else?
We manufacture your customized products immediately upon receipt of payment. A subsequent change to your order is not possible. Please contact us at We will of course try to help you, so that you get your desired product.

How can I return my order if I have not created an account?
Please refer to this page.